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October 31, 2019. Pavel Guzenko at ByteyBeasts has announced completely reworked game Headless D for iOs and Android.

Previously released on iOs the game is free now and available also on Google Play. With simple controls and real-time action, it’s a perfect single-player game for people in a hurry. Set in a Fantasy world you control a headless hero and explore randomly generated dungeon, full of dangerous traps, bloodthirsty monsters, and vicious bosses. Loot gold, magic items, and heads! Each head gives you unique abilities as well as some weaknesses. Find the perfect head for your liking!

Start your adventure every time in a new dungeon with dynamically generated enemies, traps, chests full of gold, epic items, and new heads. Upgrade your character and fight increasingly difficult enemies and vicious bosses. All the gold you collect you can spend immediately in the dungeon by healing or boosting your abilities.

Pavel Guzenko, the guy behind ByteyBeasts: “I’ve had this idea to build a game in Fantasy genre that would bring back the magic of 2D games with an exploration of mysterious and dangerous dungeons full of monsters and loot”

A random bystander: “The guy with a zombie’s head? Seek!”

Headless Horseman: “Watch your head!”

Download for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Watch the gameplay trailer:

About ByteyBeasts

We are small studio based in Vienna, Austria. We are focused on fun and colourful mobile games! More information about Headless D is available at

Press Contact:

Pavel Guzenko

Here is the logo of ByteyBeasts

Here is the App icon for App Store and Google Play

Here are the screenshots

Here is zip-file with screenshots from iPhoneX with the main features in overlay.